Image 1Classic Staging offers a full suite of Staging services for both Occupied and Vacant Properties. There is some crossover of service, but for the most part, Staging a Vacant property is totally different from an Occupied property.

A typical consultation takes 2 hours and is called a "Walk and Talk". When we are finished you will have an action plan that will include suggestions for furniture placement, reducing clutter, and even repairs and changes such as updating light fixtures and painting. We will even assess your yard to make sure that you have fantastic curb appeal, to go with your beautifully staged interior.

You'll set up the timeline with your Realtor® to implement the changes and bring your property to market. And don't worry! We'll can do a final walk through together, if you'd like,  to make sure everything is looking its best.

If your property is vacant, we can arrange a temporary rental of furniture and accessories to really showcase the potential for the space. You can also have an initial walk-through consultation to help decide on changes to be made before furniture is added to the house.

Occupied Properties

Most sellers choose to begin the process with a Walk and Talk Consultation because they want to participate. We will tell you everything you need to do to prepare your home for sale. The result of this process is your action plan for success! You can choose to do all, some, or none of the work. Classic Staging can handle every level of service and can even do most of the work for you if you like.  If you decide you'd like to have your home showcased for you, this is called a Hands-on Staging.  We'll bring in our team of experts and stage your house in a day. When there is a team working together, MAGIC HAPPENS!

Vacant Properties

We do turn-key staging!

Don't worry, we handle every detail. We will preview the property and formulate a style appropriate Project Plan. With our extensive access to furniture, artwork, accessories, and soft furnishings (bedding/towels) we are able to showcase your property in just one day. Even with the rapid turn-around we work within your budget to show the house at its finest.

Investors and Flippers love our Vacant Property Consultations. We help select colors and materials to make sure that your choices reflect the best for your target Buyers.

Staging to Live

Some homeowners who are not selling choose to have their homes showcased by our team of professionals. The process is very similar to staging a home for sale except personalizing is ok!
We come in and help you pick paint colors and give you tips for furniture placement and can even help you plan future improvements. You take it from there, knowing that you will be a few steps ahead of the game when the time comes to put your home on the market, or just enjoy living in your newly staged home!

Staged Models

Builders have an economical and effective alternative to the traditional "decorated model home." Our service is less expensive and accomplishes different goals.

Staging actually showcases the house and its architectural details. Buyers will remember the house, not the "stuff," which is what usually happens in decorated models.