Meet Jeanne!

Portrait of Professional Home Stager Jeanne Westmoreland

Jeanne Westmoreland is the Owner of Classic Staging, LLC and has 27 years in the home decorating and home staging fields. In 2005, Jeanne was trained by Barb Schwarz, the Founder and Creator of the Home Staging Industry®. After receiving her Accredited Staging Professional Master® designation, Jeanne's company, Classic Originals, became Classic Staging & Design, and finally in 2010 it became Classic Staging, LLC.

Jeanne represents her company as one of two active Accredited Staging Professional Masters®(ASPM®) in the state of Georgia. She has been the Expert Stager Columnist for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, staged for A&E’s FLIP THIS HOUSE, and even been the International President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®).

Jeanne was recently given a PowerCore introduction by a teammate that gives you insight to her personality and lifestyle. "We all know Jeanne as a consummate professional and leader in her field. She is the raining den mother of our little group and respected by all." He further described Jeanne's recent road trip with her husband, Phillip, through Texas, Oklahoma, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and California,  "..oh the places they did go. They saw deserts, mountains, oceans, national forests, prairies, and rivers. They greeted sea lions in the morning, crashed a wedding in Monterey and drank fine wine in that little-known valley in California. After 600 continuous hours in the car together, they are still married with only some minor adjustments of Philip's attitude." Jeanne describes this trip as a pleasure, but business still called as she was inspired by nature, design, and the spaces around her. She has returned refreshed, renewed and ready to find new interesting pieces for the inventory and apply new aesthetic ideas to home staging projects!  

Jeanne Westomoreland, Home Stager and CEO of Classic Staging at left and Barb Schwartz creator of the Home Staging industry and ASP certification at right.

Jeanne Westmoreland with Barb Schwarz

AHSP® International Board members

IAHSP® International Board

A&E's Flip This House

But here’s the rest of the story!

One cannot stage alone! Jeanne has a fantastic team of home staging professionals who work right along beside her. Some are behind the scenes, and some you’ll recognize!

Under Jeanne’s direction, her team does it all from planning to packing to lifting to creating Home Staging magic. The end result? A show-worthy listing with both personality and style.....the right style for that house’s Buyer. It just makes sense!

Meet Our Team

Catherine Arpey - ASP® and Design Assistant

Dottie Upchurch - ASP® and Staging Assistant

Deb Crawford - Staging Assistant

Eric Sidlovsky - Staging Assistant

Michelle Yackel - ASP® and Staging Assistant

YOUR RIGHT HAND, LLC. – Office Management & Social Media- Ava Wilkey, Accounting- Cindy Parker

and Project Management- Hilary Wilkie

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Staging Team Professionals from left: Deb Crawford, Eric Sidlovsky and Dottie Upchurch

Staging Professionals from left: Deb Crawford, Eric Sidlovsky & Dottie Upchurch

Snapshot of Catherine Arpey, Home Staging Professional and ASP certified
     Catherine Arpey, Design Assistant